We offer direct repossession services in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama

 DRN affiliate, largest scanner in Michigan

MRS, Clearplan, RDN, VTS, CARS, RC Mobile user

Certified, trained, and experienced recovery   professionals

Low-risk recovery solutions with proven results

Client friendly accommodation protocols to meet Individual needs

Skip Tracing

We utilize top tier technology and human interaction to provide the highest probability of locating a subject.

Our trained and seasoned team provide deep skip solutions with results utilizing their in-the-field experience

We provide High value information to assist with subject and asset location

We utilize TLO, Accurint, CLEAR, Experian,  DRNSights and other proprietary investigative processes

Contingent services, No Success = No Charge

Field Services

ALCAR offers a high-level field service solution to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We are diligent in our attempts to gather information to provide our clients with the best information so they know the decisions they make are data-driven.

We can customize your door knock and field visit service to optimize the desired solution.

The ALCAR team will align the task to the agent skills and the assignment within our Nationwide footprint.

Our highly-trained and seasoned staff deliver high value results. We take the results and rank the findings in a meaningful way.

Nationwide network of trained, insured, bonded professionals

 Business imperative, Time sensitive performance with Requirements for each adjuster

Client specific communication management plans to ensure SLAs are met and exceeded

Data driven analytics to ensure Company performance goals are achieved


Professional Asset Recovery and Field Services

By offering investigation, skip tracing, field services, repossession, storage and transport, ALCAR Recovery is the trusted choice to deliver results in your efforts.

The extensive training and development at the time of hire, as well as continued education, contribute to reduced claims, higher recovery rates and an overall customer satisfaction.